Time For An Espresso

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It had to come. Time for an espresso. Say now, you have had your fill of Joe. You know, big Joe, the one you have been taking all of those years, mugs and mugs of it, and what did it ever do for you. It gave you the jitters alright. Instead of relaxing you, those regular cups of Joes you took every day of your life ended up making you feel even more nervous about the day ahead, and the days to follow. Time to ditch Joe and go with the flow. This is no ordinary flow let it be said. It is rather trendy. It’s a growing trend to be giving your day the perfect kick-start.

It is like jump-starting your old auto’s frozen engine on a brittle winter’s morning. But then it gets you to purr, not whirr, like you don’t know what’s coming next. Every espresso near me modesto bar oozes with class, courage and culture. Let me explain. When you take a tad cup of espresso in the morning along with all the other trendy patrons, you’re not over-indulging in pretentiousness. This is a catching but rather healthy habit. The perfectly cultivated espresso gives you the right amount of caffeine kick that you wouldn’t need to go near another mug for the rest of the day.

And maybe later, you’ll be up for some herbal refreshments that cover you in other areas of your physical and mental well-being. Courage of your convictions not to worry what your other pals have to say about you taking this neat little cup. And furthermore, you’re sipping your way into a rich harvest of culture. The espresso is as Italian as they come. And feeling a little peckish at this time of the morning, you could always take a nibble of biscotti too.